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Wendy Woods The Lord has given me words as a gift. In fact, he very clearly affirmed to me in 2020 “I GAVE YOU WORDS”.  For many years I have been aware of the way one uses words. My mother used to say it mattered not how you said something; the words were the same.…

“I want meat and not just manna!”

Ann Eustis God, our Father’s, Provision is always and only the right amount for this day. It is wise and it is loving; it is ultimately just. Just how, you may wonder, do I come to really and truly believe this? It has come through a concentrated and daily practice of petitioning Him each and every day for our daily…

Choose to be Holy

As a church, we are in a time of deep discernment.  There is sadness that we have arrived at this point.  There have been questions of whether or not we could just “roll with it,” carry as on “normal,” leaving things as they are. The decision to have a wider conversation with the breadth of the worshipping…